Content Writer & Marketer

I cut my content marketing teeth in a fast-pasted agency environment, working with leading B2B companies in industries spanning fintech, e-commerce, big data management, and business analytics. 

Prefer numbers? 

I increased a fintech client's organic blog traffic by 355% and grew keyword rankings by 1227% in one year.


"I edited Aida's work while we were both at Animalz, and she remains one of the most dedicated, brilliant, and professional people I've ever worked with. Aida was often assigned deeply complex and challenging topics, and she was able to gain a remarkable level of expertise on them in a few short days. Her work was insightful and would have been at home in any industry journal (regardless of the industry she was writing about).

Aida has an amazing dedication to rigorous research, coupled with a gift for writing prose that is always accurate, yet accessible. (...) On top of her other skills, Aida had a 'whatever it takes' attitude to getting the job done, regardless of time differences, last minute changes, or any other challenges thrown her way." — Elaine A., Content Marketing Editor at Kolide

"Aida knows how to take hard topics and make them easy to understand, and always makes sure her writing is interesting and full of useful info. She's not just a great writer though - she's also fantastic at planning out content strategies. From keyword research and editorial calendars to monthly reporting and thought leadership, she's done it all. Most importantly, Aida never lets anything slip through the cracks. She's the kind of person you want on your team because you know she's going to do a great job and always get things done on time for both internal and external clients." Ajdin P., Head of Content Marketing Team at Animalz